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About Us
The SRO Show began as a way to add some content to the Internet radio show hosted by a couple of our old friends, Sonny Rio and Hector Reyes — no slouches, they’re inductees at the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

It was supposed to be a short-term gig. You know. . . help out a coupla buds, talk about music, maybe do some bits. It’ll be fun!

Now, here we are, many months later and the “audioblog,” as it was referred to back then is now a full-blown show, a podcast, a website, and quickly turning into a business, w
ith bigger opportunities looming on the horizon. Who knew?
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“I love the creative life. No matter what it is I’m involved in, that’s my favorite thing to do at the moment.”

Lawrence Standifer Stevens
Artist. Photographer. Voice Actor. Filmmaker. Entrepreneur. Host of The SRO Show.

Having spent the majority of his career communicating the messages of others through radio, multimedia, advertising, graphic design, photography, film, and industrial voiceovers, Lawrence Standifer Stevens now shares his own work — through
The SRO Show.

It started as a favor for an old radio buddy, Hector Reyes. Teamed up with well-known Texas music writer, Joseph E. Casanova, for the first year, the pair started publishing a weekly “audioblog” for Hector and his longtime radio partner, Sonny Rio, for their Internet radio show at Soon, they were on a roll, making changes to the format, length, and treatment of the show as they went along.

After nearly a year, the “audioblog” became a “show” with a website, and then a podcast, with bigger opportunities looming on the horizon.

Lawrence Standifer Stevens is constantly in motion, working on one creative project after another, forever switching gears between audio production, photography, digital art, and filmmaking. With plans for a new studio/home in Fort Worth, he never seems to stop moving.